Actiax is a self-contained traction system designed to be installed on conventional railroad trucks.

It adds traction power and regenerative braking capacity to currently under-utilized freight trains truck axles, and provides them with the benefits of distributed traction so widely used on passenger trains :
- savings on fuel and energy up to 30% depending on train configuration and track profile, and reduction of green-house gases emissions.
- complementary electric braking : reduced wear of mechanical brakes and accrued safety by automatic electric brake application in case of overspeed.
- distributed traction power along the train providing, among other benefits, a better overall track adherence.
Actiax makes the railroad car an active element of the train consist: it includes a battery to store energy, a converter, an electric motor, and a controller. Independently and in a totally safe manner, it applies the optimal traction/braking effort to the axle and assists the movement of the train. 

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